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How to Add Splashes of Color to Your Bathroom Décor without Breaking the Bank

Are you bored with your bathroom? Most bathrooms are sterile in eggshell and porcelain whites. Nothing impressive. However, it’s determined that the average person will spend at least half an hour in their bathroom daily. So, why shouldn’t your bathroom experience be as enjoyable as you can make it?

Color is expressive and can easily change or charge your mood. Ergo, this article covers how to add splashes of color to your bathroom décor without breaking the bank. Hopefully, these bathroom ideas will inspire you to come up with a few innovative design ideas of your own.

Create a Mosaic on Your Shower Walls

You spend a lot of time in the shower, upwards of 20 minutes or more to clean yourself and relax under the hot water. Give yourself something to look at. You can use broken pieces of tile under lacquer to create a beautiful mosaic on your shower walls.

Redesign Your Floors

You can enhance and redesign your bathroom by investing in bathroom tile in denver co. It’s easy to wipe away water spills, and tile comes in a collection of beautiful colors that add comfort to your bathroom atmosphere.

Plush Rugs, Towels, and Robes in Your Favorite Colors

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What are your favorite colors? Sprinkle them throughout your bathroom in the most comfortable, plush rugs, towels, and robes. Use different shades. For instance, if you love red, your plush rugs could be vibrant red, the towels could be blush, and your robe could be a deep crimson.

It’s All About Your Happiness!

What colors make you happy? Use your favorite color in different tones around the bathroom. For instance, if you love the color blue, use different shades, like navy blue for the rugs, ocean blue for the floor tiles, and sky blue, royal blue, and cobalt for the mosaic on your shower walls. Your main aim should be to create a bathroom with a calming atmosphere.